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The building envelope is all of the elements of the outer shell that maintain a dry, heated, or cooled indoor environment and facilitate its climate control. ABEP Building envelope designs works with a specialized area of architectural and engineering practice that draws from all areas of building science and indoor climate control.


ABEP Products


Substantial Benefits of FFR-K1 Infused Kevlar

  • 100% adhesion of product to clean and sound substrate.
  • Adheres to damp/wet surfaces without priming
  • Kevlar infused for strength
  • Retains flexibility in sub zero conditions
  • Withstands damage from most chemicals and severe environments.
  • Withstands ponding water (20 year system)
  • Especially suited to applications where surface movement may defeat the protection of a rigid, non reinforced coating
FFR-K1 Application FFR-K1 - Technical Manual Rev 1.5 FFR-K1 - MSDS/SDS
FFR-K1 - Building Appraisal FFR-K1 -Testimonials www.facebook.com/FinalFlatRoofK1
Substantial Benefits of Blue Barrier
  • CodeMark Certified No. BSC-130214-CMNZ
  • Single Stage Application
  • Dry or Wet Installation
  • No primers / No Mixing
  • Eco-friendly, Proprietary Formula
  • Spread, Brush, Gun, Roll or Spray
  • Fully Compatible System
Blue Blue Barrier - Application Demo 1 Blue Blue Barrier - Application Demo 2 Technical Product Installation Manual
Blue Barrier Installation Guide Liquid Flashing - TDS Liquid Flashing - MSDS/SDS
Joint Filler - TDS Joint Filler - MSDS/SDS Liquid Wrap - TDS
Liquid Wrap - MSDS/SDS Flash 'N Wrap - TDS Flash 'N Wrap - MSDS/SDS
CodeMark Certificate www.facebook.com/BlueBarrier  

Substantial Benefits of Mule-Hide Tape

  • Mule-Hide Tapes make a permanent watertight seal.
  • May be used on thermoplastic membranes and asphaltic substrates
  • They will adhere to most wood, glass, plastics, concrete and metals.
    Mule-Hide Tapes can be used on most external substrates to strip in side laps, end laps, bridge transitions and penetrations prior to the application of a Blue Barrier or FFR-K1 coating.    

Substantial Benefits of Eagle Water-Repellent

  • Excellent water repellence
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying and low odour
  • Contains no organic solvents
  • Long Service Life
    Eagle Water-Repellent is a water based, state-of-the-art water repellent sealer specifically designed for concrete, brick and masonry.    

Substantial Benefits of Aqua Guard

  • Exceptional underwater adhesion, bonds and cures to multiple substrates underwater.
  • Superior shore hardness, prevents wear and tear
  • Proprietary modified (STPE) technology, provides superior adhesion
  • Non sag, creates a better and cleaner application bead
  • 3200 is non-toxic to marine life
  • 3200 Certified suitable for use in Potable water
    Underwater sealants designed to apply above or below the waterline in marine and water storage environments.    
    * Waterproofing and Flat Roof services that you can trust. Now servicing: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.    


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