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    Allco Waterproofing Solutions was established as a company specialising in waterproofing products and seismic joints. More recently we are proud to have supplied quality products and solutions to a number of major structures nationwide. We offer independent advice based on sound technical knowledge and practical experience.    
    High-performance torch-on waterproofing membrane for multi-layer applications, with or without insulation. Following project evaluation, may be used for single-layer applications.

The compound used in Dermabit membranes contains distilled bitumen and the last generation of technopolymers (APAO) that ensure excellent properties of flexibility, elasticity and adherence as well as making Dermabit extremely resistant to aging.

Thanks to the use of reinforcement with a high mass per unit area and continuous non-woven polyester stabilised by means of glass strands, Dermabit guarantees outstanding mechanical performance and dimensional stability.

Especially designed for large surfaces subject to high thermal stress due to direct sunlight or high temperature build up.

Top finish in silica sand, non-woven polypropylene, natural or coloured slate chips disseminated uniformly and firmly anchored; smooth bottom finish in torched off polyethylene sheets.

Product Pluses:

Guaranteed by more than 25 years in the field, certified solutions, versatile and reliable at any latitude, extensive thermal operating range (-20C to +150C), fast and easy to apply, excellent resistance to aging.
    The World's Leading Bentonite-Geotextile Waterproofing System

Voltex is a highly effective waterproofing composite comprised of two high strength geotextiles and 5.2 kg of sodium bentonite per square metre; the most bentonite in any commercially available waterproofing product. The two geotextiles are interlocked by a proprietary needlepunching process which encapsulates and holds the granular bentonite in place and assures a consistent material application. The needlepunching knitted membrane also prevents exposed Voltex from over-hydrating on site.

Voltex is ideal for waterproofing under slabs and property line applications. Under slabs, Voltex can be installed directly over a properly prepared substrate without the need of a concrete mud slab. It's durable composite construction resists damage from tradesmen installing reinforcing steel over it and inclement weather.

For property line applications, Voltex is simply installed directly to the retention wall and then the concrete is poured directly against it using a single sided form. Other applications include backfilled concrete foundation walls and cut-and-cover tunnels.

Installation of Voltex is fast and easy. Simply place into position and secure with washer head mechanical fasteners. Voltex can be installed to green concrete without primers or adhesives, in virtually any weather, including freezing temperatures and damp conditions. When concrete is poured against Voltex, a tenacious mechanical bond yielding an average adhesion value of 15 pounds per linear inch (15 pli) is created by the wet concrete solidifying around the geotextile fibres.

Voltex is certified by NSF International to conform with the requirements of NSF Standard 61 - Drinking Water System Components - Health effects. Voltex is certified as an external protective barrier material for potable water concrete tanks with a 3,780L capacity or greater.

For contaminated water or salt-water conditions, Voltex is available with a contaminant resistant Volclay sodium bentonite - Voltex CR.

With the durability of the needle punched composite and the ability to self-heal, Voltex offers major construction advantages over adhered sheet membrane and fluid applied waterproofing.
    Hydrotech: MM6125    
    Monolithic Membrane 6125 (MM6125) is a thick, tough, flexible, self-healing membrane for use in roofing applications. MM6125 is a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers. MM6125 has been successfully used worldwide by leading architects, engineers and owners on all types of horizontal and vertical structures including plazas, parking decks, planters, tunnels, bridges, mud slabs, foundation walls and roof areas...establishing an unbeatable track record of almost 50 years.    
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