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    Swimming Pool Waterproofing    
    One of the most important steps in swimming pool construction is selecting the right type of waterproofing. Concrete is a porous substrate prone to water penetration; therefore, it has to be sealed to keep water in the pool, in addition to keeping ground water out, which is often forgotten.

Every single swimming pool or water feature must be waterproofed in one way or another. Sometimes these structures present challenges and are often tricky to waterproof due to the various penetrations included in the design to accommodate elements such as lighting, piping and drainage.

There are several products on the market today for waterproofing swimming pools. Before any final decisions are made, please give us a call so we can help.
    Equus - Schomburg Aquafin 2-KM    
    * Please contact us in Christchurch for free advice on waterproofing the roofs, decks, parapets, walls and basements of your projects.    


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