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H2OFF is proud to be able to provide our customers with a selection of flat roofing methods that suit residential and commercial needs.

In addition to torch-on roofing for low slope and commercial flat roofs, we offer Butyl rubber roofing membrane as well, mostly know as Butynol. Ardex Butynol is an extremely durable roofing membrane designed primarily for use on low slope or flat roofs. The membrane is manufactured by combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene at the extremely low temperature of -100 Celcius. (Rubber Technology-Morton), Butynol is marketed by Ardex as a warranted roofing, decking and tanking product and fixed by their trained and experienced approved applicators.

Butynol commercial roofing systems are versatile and long-lasting and offer maximum strength and durability. The material comes in either black or grey, and while both are durable, grey Butynol has the added benefit of absorbing less heat from the sun than black Butynol. This roofing system has been used by roofing professionals for over 40 years, and in that time it has proven to be the longest lasting roofing system on average compared to any other commercial system. As more emphasis is placed on the sustainable performance of building materials, Butynol continues to be the roofing material that stands the test of time. Other benefits of choosing an Butynol roofing system for your commercial roofing project include high resistance to all types of weather as well as ultraviolet rays.

● scope limitations of NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1, Paragraph 1.1; and,

● with timber supporting structures designed and constructed in accordance with the NZBC; and,

● with nominally flat or pitched roofs constructed to drain water to gutters and drain outlets complying with NZBC; and,

● with substrate of plywood sheet; and,

● with decks that have a maximum size of 40sqm.



Butynol Manual | Butynol Specifications | Butynol Branz Appraisal

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