Concrete Slab Waterproofing in Auckland, Christchurch and Denudin.    
    Concrete Slab Waterproofing    
    Approaching the problem from the exterior (the "positive side") seems to make the most sense to many people. We are all for it when applicable and necessary. One big draw back - cost! It takes a considerable amount of labour to dig down to the base of your foundation wall. Once excavated, we can provide concrete slab repairs, concrete sealing and install a new waterproofing membrane to the foundation walls.

Interior Waterproofing is another way when it comes to waterproofing concrete foundations. Rather than stopping the water from the exterior. Schomburg Aquafin IC it's a Crystalline waterproof slurry that can be used on the exterior and/or interior waterproofing.

Schomburg Aquafin IC is great in cellars, lift shafts, foundations, retaining walls. Waterproofing containers for drinking and service water, retaining basins, water treatment plants, garages, tunnels etc. Waterproofing beneath screeds (unbounded screeds or floating screeds).
    Crystalline Technology    
    Schomburg Aquafin IC - Crystalline waterproof slurry    
Aquafin IC Datasheet Aquafin IC MSDS Aquafin IC Video
    Schomburg Aquafin 1K - Waterproofing slurry    
    Waterproofing on concrete, masonry and plaster, for interior and exterior use in the following areas of application:

Civil engineering - earth covered constructions, sewage works, water tanks, swimming pools, heating pipes, pits etc.
Building construction - cellars, potable water tanks.
Water construction - retaining walls, pools, tunnels, sluices.
Older building constructions - not protected against posterior moisture and soaking water.
Aquafin 1K Datasheet Aquafin 1K MSDS Aquafin 1K Video
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