Crack Injection Services in Auckland, Christchurch and Denudin.    
    High Pressure Epoxy Resin Injection. High pressure epoxy injection system delivering penetration to cracks    

Crack Injection

    Whether it be injecting structural cracks in bridges or precast panels floors or waterproofing of reservoirs, tunnels and lift pits, H2OFF have appropriate solutions for your project.    
    Epoxy Resin    
    Epoxies are high-strength plastics resin with properties that meet or exceed those of concrete. Epoxy injection provides a permanent structural repair to cracked or fractured concrete; cracks just visible to the eye can be injected. The added benefit is that it waterproofs structures, prevents water infiltration and re-bar corrosion and spall formation. As a result, this process essentially preserves concrete and prevents continual damage.    
    Acrylic Gel    
    Injection Gel is a multi-viscosity two part component, thixotropic structural epoxy adhesive system with a gel-like consistency ideal for repair of medium size cracks (6 - 10mm) when using an injection port system. The gel is multi-viscous flows like a liquid while under pressure and will cease flowing when no pressure is being applied. It is a high strength epoxy system perfect for blind-side crack repair of most substrates. It will bond the structure back to its original monolithic strength. Acrylic Gel can be used to repair vertical cracks when using injection ports in conjunction with a capping paste. Its bonding and sealing capabilities for interior and exterior slabs are exceptional.    
    Polyurethane injection is an effective and economical method of sealing cracks in concrete and solid masonry elements. Polyurethane is specially formulated very low viscosity two part component rapid cure concrete repair material. Its low viscosity offers deep penetration into concrete cracks providing a structural repair. The addition of aggregate makes a quality spall repair product that is open to traffic or floor grinding in less than one hour.    
    Polyurea injection is used to fill interior control joints or new construction saw joints on horizontal concrete surfaces. Polyurea is designed for industrial floor applications receiving heavy duty vehicle traffic. It can be used in exterior applications, when minimal joint movement from thermal cycling will occur.    
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    We use a range of epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic gel resin product from reputable suppliers, which are injected with sophisticated airless pumping equipment.     
    * Please contact us in Christchurch for free advice on waterproofing the roofs, decks, parapets, walls and basements of your projects.    


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