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- Sika Grout 212 and Sika Grout 215 are cementitious grouts containing carefully formulated blends of natural aggregates and other materials, plus Sika admixtures which enable them to achieve high early age strengths. Sika Grouts have been designed to incorporate a two-stage process that counteracts the effects of shrinkage often associated with cement grouts.
- Sika Grouts contain materials that provide positive expansion in the plastic phase and shrinkage compensation once hardened.
- Sika Grouts are normally used in details where the material can be confined and restrained during placement and curing to optimise these characteristics.
- Sika Grout 212 and Sika Grout 215 are one component grouts and only require the addition of clean, fresh water.

Sika Grout 212 is ideal for many types of structural grouting applications. It can be mixed at different stages of fluidity to produce the desired level of workability. Add the required amount of water for:

- Rammable dry pack material.
- Trowel applied medium flow mortar.
- Pourable high flow grout.

Typical applications for Sika Grout 212 are:

- Under machine foundations and base plates.
- General cavities, voids and recesses.
- Grouts for anchor bolts, ground anchors, rods, etc.
- Reinforcement ducts in the connection detail between precast columns and beams.

Sika Grout 215 contains very fine natural aggregates. It is used as a high flow grout where dimensions are minimal. Typical applications for Sika Grout 215, in addition to those listed for Sika Grout 212, are:

- Grouting into details and voids with narrow width dimensions (3 - 4 mm).
- Grouting under base plates, tanks, etc., where dimensions are minimal.
- Grouting around pipe sleeves and liners.
- Grouting of rock anchors, tensioning cables, etc.
- As the grout in pre-packed aggregate repair systems.

Sika Grouts offer the following advantages:

- Positive shrinkage compensation.
- High early age strength development.
- High final strengths.
- Excellent substrate adhesion.
- Adjustable consistency.
- High flow characteristics.
- Controlled bleeding and segregation while plastic.
- Ideal for use in pre-packed aggregate systems of repair - Sika Grout 215.
- Non-corrosive, non-toxic.
- Impact and vibration resistant.
- Increased resistance to aggressive liquid penetration when hardened.
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