wATERPROOFING PROFESSIONALS which provides you with an added layer of assurance that we are abreast of the latest in regulation and education; and are being held to stringent criteria across workmanship, health and safety, and business practices by the industry body, which is also there to provide consumer assistance to the public.     
  Work health and safety regulator. Works collaboratively with businesses, undertakings, workers and their representatives to embed and promote good work.  



Welcome to the Health, Safety, & Environment page of H2OFF Waterproofing. At H2OFF Waterproofing, we believe that the way we treat our people, our clients, and our neighbors reflects our values and how we approach our work. That's why we are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, and ensuring that our staff return home injury-free every day.

Our goal at H2OFF Waterproofing is to carry out our work with zero harm to people and the environment. While we recognize that our work involves risks, we believe that we can manage these risks effectively through a dynamic health and safety management system. To achieve this goal, we take a proactive approach by regularly conducting audits and inspections, providing training, and maintaining strict hazard recognition and control.

If an incident does occur, we share the lessons learned in order to avoid reoccurrences and improve our practices. Through training, communication, and our Health, Safety, & Environment policy, we strive to create a culture at H2OFF Waterproofing where everyone takes responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

At H2OFFwaterproofing, we believe that every employee has a role to play in maintaining and promoting a healthy and safe work environment. Thank you for being a part of this important effort.

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  H2OFF Waterproofing: Getting Started with Roofing Safety All employers in the construction industry must have a safety program. Contractors and employers who perform construction work must comply with standards.  
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