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Welcome to H2OFF Waterproofing in Auckland

H2OFF Auckland - Waterproofing and Flat Roof Services, Auckland Wide. We re licensed building practitioners and fully insured.

At H2OFF Waterproofing in Auckland we are focused on providing not only a high quality of waterproofing service and customer satisfaction, but follow through with quality waterproofing products that are guaranteed to last. H2OFF Waterproofing in Auckland pride itself on attention to detail and our ability to listen carefully and understand our clients' needs and requirements.

We deliver waterproofing services that are supported by the waterproofing membrane association and that have been refined and improved over the years. H2OFF Waterproofing technicians are certified, trained and qualified to the highest standards. We thrive on providing the best quality Waterproofing and Flat Roofing service to all of Aucklanders.

If you' re looking for a waterproofing company in Auckland that will go the extra mile to get your business, we think your search is over!

Waterproofing Contractors in Auckland, New Zealand.

H2OFF (NZ) Limited - 20 Charlotte Street, Eden Terrace - Auckland 1021
We understand your time is important and completing projects on time is of priority for our team. Auckland Waterproofing - Call Now 09 444 4475 for a free estimate.     H2OFF Waterproofing, Auckland's Waterproofing Experts That Are Trusted to Provide Quality, Reliability On Time & On Budget.     Auckland Waterproofing Services: Rooftop Waterproofing, Bathroom Waterproofing (en-suites, showers, spa baths, etc.), Balconies, terraces and courtyards, Laundries, Water Tank Waterproofing, Planter boxes Waterproofing, Retaining walls Waterproofing, Basement walls Waterproofing, Lift shafts Waterproofing, Swimming pool waterproofing, Green rooftops Waterproofing, Rooftop gardens Waterproofing.
Waterproofing Products in Auckland     Waterproofing Services in Auckland     Waterproofing Suppliers in Auckland
Do you require repairs or maintenance to your home, business or complex in Auckland?Torch-on Bitumen Membrane     H2OFF Auckland: Specified Roofing Systems. Flat Roof (Low Pitch Roof)      ABEP NZ
H2OFF Auckland - Do you need a solution to restore or replace the existing membrane roof/deck or internal gutter in Auckland/West Auckland?TPO Roofing Membrane Residential Waterproofing Services in Auckland. Waterproofing Membranes  ALLCO Waterproofing
Waterproofing Auckland: Roof/Gutter/Deck Restoration.Hydrotech MM6125 Leak Detection Services in Auckland. Deck and Balcony  Allnex Constructions
Sika Sarnafil - Auckland Membrane Maintenance Services.PVC Roofing Membrane Remedial Waterproofing Solution - Auckland New Zealand. Terrace and Planter Box  Ardex New Zealand
Ardex Butynol: Deck Membrane Services in Auckland: Do you need a waterproofing system for a new deck area in Auckland?Butynol Roofing Membrane Below Ground and Rising Damp Waterproofing Services. Garage and Car Park  Bentech Pacific
IKO Roofing: Auckland Membrane Roof Repair: Do you need a waterproofing system for a new roof area in Auckland?IKO SAM Roofing Membrane Torch on Waterproofing Services in Auckland. Basement Waterproofing  Bostik Smart Adhesives
Carlisle EPDM Membrane: H2OFF Waterproofing: Are you renovating your bathroom, laundry or kitchen? Need waterproofing in Auckland?EPDM Roofing Membrane Sheeting Membrane Retaining Wall Waterproofing  Concrete Plus
Chevaline Dexx: Waterproofing Bathroom & Wet Areas in Auckland - Call Now 09 444 4475 for a free estimate.Liquid Applied Roofing Membrane Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Under Slab Waterproofing  Equus Industries
Volclay Bentonite: Do you need below ground tanking for retaining walls or underslab in Auckland?Vinyl Waterproofing Membrane Our applicators are qualified, licensed and insured to ensure your project is completed in a timely and professional manner. Wet Areas Waterproofing  Fosroc New Zealand
Below Ground Tanking Waterproofing in Auckland.Flat Roof Membrane Coating Our workmanship is unparalleled and we strive to provide a hassle free experience for all clients. Shower and Bathroom  Hitchins International
Nuraply: Do you have a leaky basement, rising damp or water seeping through your concrete walls or floors in Auckland?Butyl Rubber Waterproofing H2OFF Limited - Homeowner or building company - indoor or outdoor - new buildings, renovations, or remedial work. Laundry and Kitchen  Jaydex International
Leaky Basements Waterproofing Services in Auckland, New Zealand.Peel & Stick Membrane Waterproofing typically only costs 1% of your home building cost, yet is the leading cause of construction defect litigation. Swimming Pool Waterproofing  Nuralite Waterproofing
H2OFF Waterproofing Coating: Do you need to seal exterior concrete block fibrolite cement board or plaster walls of your home, business, or complex in Auckland.Self Adhesive Membrane Waterproofing may seem like a simple task, but if done incorrectly can cause catastrophic damage to your home and even your health. Water Features Waterproofing  Parchem Construction Supplies
Spray Foam Roof: Auckland wide waterproofing experts. Spray Foam Roofing When waterproofing fails, the costs can often run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Potable Water Tanks and Ponds  RUBCO Auckland
H2OFF: Complete Waterproofing, Auckland: Building Waterproofing.Warm Roof System We are a key player in the New Zealand Waterproofing market. Under Tile Waterproofing  Sealco Waterproofing Systems
Qualified Contractors: Waterproofing Auckland Services. We only engage with other highly qualified contractors to do the job at hand. We have a strong reputation to protect for continually delivering high quality workmanship on all the jobs we do. Ballasted Roof System H2OFF Waterproofing: We have a range of waterproofing systems to meet any home, commercial, industrial or other custom waterproofing needs. TPO Membrane Services  Viking Roofspec
Waterproofing Warranty: We provide our customers with unbeatable 5 year warranties on all products and services. In an unlikely event that something doesn’t turn out as you’d expect it, you then have the peace of mind to call us at any time to come out and fix it for you at our earliest convenience. Green Roof System Low Slope Roofing & Decks | Internal Wet Areas | External Decks | Below Ground Tanking | Stone Ballast & Green Roof Systems | Potable Water Tanks & Ponds Butynol Membrane Services  Waterproofing Systems NZ
Allco Volclay: High-Quality Materials: One of the reasons why we’re able to back ourselves with extended warranties is due to the high-quality materials that we use. It can become a very expensive mistake if you choose to engage with waterproofing contractors that cut corners and use lower-quality, cheaper materials. Volclay Bentonite Waterproofing Nuralite Waterproofing Auckland: Our waterproofing range for external decks includes 1.5mm thick duroTUF TPO, bituFLAME 2 layer torchon for plywood, Strandboard and concrete substrates along with Gripset 2P which is used on concrete substrates. We have an excellent range of trafficable finishes, ie tileJAKS with timber raft bearer holders, tileJAKS with structural tile spacer tabs and Schluter 25 for duroTUF TPO and Gripset 2P surface finishes where a grouted tiled finish is required. These membrane systems are BRANZ appraised and supported with detailed drawings which are downloadable from our website. Nuraply Membrane Services  Weatherdek
ARDEX WeldTec™ Waterproofing Membranes offer great flexibility and versatility combined with all the benefits of welded seams and quick application. Ardex WeldTec Roof System Allco Waterproofing: We have a waterproofing membrane product range to cover all aspects of low slope roofing, decks, vehicle portico’s and building entrance way canopies. Our roof and deck membrane systems have an excellent history throughout New Zealand and the Pacific islands and have been installed in some of the most challenging locations. Volclay Bentonite Services  XYPEX New Zealand
Specified Roofing Systems in New Zealand 

The most Specified Roofing and Waterproofing Systems in New Zealand

Nuratherm Warm Roof - Nuraply 3PM - Nuraply TPO -  De Boer DuO HT - Soprema Flagon TPO - Chevaline DEXX - Enviroclad TPO

Phoenix Super APAO - Epiclad EPDM - Butylclad Rubber - WarmSpan - Ardex Butynol - WeldTec - Butyseal - Ardex WPM 3000X

Ardex WPM 750 - Ardex WPM 1000 - Ardex WPM 908 - ECOTUFF TPO - DEKMASTER - RAWMAT - Bituthene 3000 - Casali Dermabit

Hydrotech MM6125 - JM TPO - Volclay Voltex - Novaflex - De Boer DEBOFLEX - Dec-K-ing - SilCoat Liquid Coating
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