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    Planter Boxes Waterproofing Services in Christchurch and Auckland.    

Planter Box Waterproofing

    Planters provide an elegant way to display a variety of flowers however, planters made of decorative stone or brick are prone to leaking around the seams and joints and in most cases seepage of water takes place through the roof slab thus damaging the roof slab and causing corrosion of reinforcement. The water leaking out of these crevices is laden with minerals and other deposits that can cause stains. It's easy to prevent these issues by waterproofing the inside walls of planter, so the water will only drain out the bottom as intended.

The planters on a roof garden may be designed for a variety of functions and vary greatly in depth to satisfy aesthetic and recreational purposes. These planters can hold a range of ornamental plants: anything from trees, shrubs, vines, or an assortment of flowers. As aesthetics and recreation are the priority they may not provide the environmental and energy benefits of a green roof. Planting on roof tops can make urban living more self-sufficient and make fresh vegetables more accessible to urban people. The urban kitchen garden concept works on the potted plant model; it averts the bottlenecks of waterproofing of entire roofs, the major hassle in establishing a terrace garden. One can have the vegetable farm on their terrace, where they can grow everything in pots with proper waterproofing and drainage system. But all these required a proper waterproofing system.
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Equus Industries   Ardex Christchurch   Jaydex Christchurch
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De Boer DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180 LANDSCAPE

Root Resistant

A flexible waterproofing membrane with a dual reinforcement and a double polymeric bitumen coating. This membrane is designed as a cap sheet for multi-layer or single layer torched application, for root resistant waterproofing systems (green roofs).
  Ardex WPM 186 (Shelterbit Garden)

- Positive vapour barrier
- Excellent resistance to pollutants and aging
- Maintains shape stability at high temperatures
- High resistance to perforation
- Is rot-proof
- Resists roots both on membrane and laps
- Good elongation and flexibility
- Heat welded laps provide an homogenous joint
  Novar-WS FLL Roof Garden

Novar-WS FLL is an anti-root, waterproofing membrane for roof gardens and planter boxes. Made of synthetic, organic material that cannot be penetrated by roots, it is specifically designed to prevent damage to roof waterproofing membranes. It is also highly resistant to acid and alkaline solutions, salts, fertilisers and micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds.
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Sealco Waterproofing Christchurch   Hitchins Waterproofing Christchurch   Nuralite Waterproofing Christchurch
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Sealco Waterproofing Systems ecoROOF and skyGARDEN green roof system is a complete system of membrane,water chanels and geotextile filters that enables a fully functional garden roof system to be able to
thrive on your roof.

Hitchins Elastoplastomeric Polymer-Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane, With An Antiroot Additive, For Protecting Roof Gardens, Sunken Works And Gravel Covered Roofs
  Nuraply 3PG

Nuralite Nuraply 3PG sit comfortably within the landscape and can bring nature into areas where concrete and asphalt have previously prevailed.
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