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    Foundations and Retaining Walls Waterproofing, External waterproofing of foundations is essential for every building with basement. Foundations and Retaining Walls are constantly exposed to humidity. Foundation waterproofing or else external basement waterproofing is required in order to avoid serious damage to the structure of the building and major decorative damage to rooms inside.    
    Waterproofing System for Retaining Walls:    
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ARDEX WPM 195 is a high-performance Styrene-Butadine-Styrene (SBS) bituminous compound modified with adhesive elasto-plastomeric polymers its excellent quality is highlighted by two indicators: cold flexibility and high adhesiveness. ARDEX WPM 195 is suitable for application in all climatic zones, with excellent cold flexibility (- 20 C) enables an easy application and allows the membrane to be ideally suited to be applied in areas with harsh climates.   Nuraseal is a flexible, self-adhesive waterproofing sheet membrane, suitable for low hydrostatic areas where buildings require damp proofing.
Nuraseal is a totally impervious, flexible, self-adhesive waterproofing sheet membrane.
Watertight immediately upon installation. Durable method of waterproofing below ground walls, 20-year product warranty.
  With over 50 years of proven performance Volclay Voltex is designed for both vertical and horizontal foundation surfaces. Voltex incorporates the high-swelling and self-sealing properties of sodium bentonite to form a monolithic, low permeable membrane to protect the structure from water ingress.
Voltex can be installed in virtually any weather making it ideal for waterproofing under slab and at property line applications.

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DEBOBASE is especially designed to resist underground soil settlement in basement, tunnels and retaining wall construction. Pre-formed torch-on membrane manufactured in the De Boer ISO 9001 controlled factory in Belgium. The system is applicable on moist and dusty areas. After installation the system is not dependent on the weak lean concrete tidy slab, or compacted fill, but remains integral with the main concrete slab.   Viking GM Mercury FC is an S.B.S waterproofing membrane, which is a rubberised system creating excellent cold flexibility, down to -20 C degrees. It won't split or crack!
When installing waterproofing membrane below the ground it will be exposed to hydrostatic pressure. Viking GM Mercury FC is resistant to hydrostatic pressure, ensuring a watertight finish.
  The advantages of rawMAT bentonite is that it can be installed directly onto compacted sub-bases, concrete substrates or applied to sacrificial shutters and steel piles. It also self-heals when damaged and can be installed on wet substrates. The rawMAT bentonite tanking system is the premier tanking system and used in high hydrostatic pressure situations.

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The membrane consists of two high-strength geotextile fabrics and 5500 grams of high quality granulated sodium bentonite per square metre (the most of any needle punched membrane on the market).
The P.E liner provides superior chemical resistance and extremely low permeability for water vapour and gas transmission. Needle punching with fine American needles delivers a high strength interlocked geotextile fabric that binds the high swelling, low permeability sodium bentonite between the two geotextile fabrics. When hydrated this results in an impervious membrane that will be maintained for the life of the structure.
  ARDEX WPM 3000X is a peel and stick SBS rubber modified bituminous/asphalt
ARDEX WPM 3000X can be adjusted should it initially be placed in the wrong position.
- Cold Application - no open flames
- Ideal for restricted spaces
- Chemical resistance
- Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other pollutants.
- Flexibility and adaptability
- Self sealing - the membrane self seals on contact
maintaining its watertightness
  Nuraply 3PT Tanking System is a positive waterproofing system that is watertight immediately upon installation. Nuraply 3PT and 3PTM are thick and tough, reinforced bituminous waterproofing membranes.
The products work together for waterproofing construction features such as foundations, basements, lift shafts, pits and underslab. Nuraply 3PTM is used underneath the slab with a granular finish to key into the poured concrete. Nuraply 3PT is a robust product for waterproofing the vertical walls. It can be welded completely onto the underslab Nuraply 3PTM to fully encapsulate the structure.
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