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Past and Present Projects

    We have had the privilege to work on many inspiring buildings! Our crews take pride in their Craftsmanship and we work hard as a team to accomplish a project successfully. Below is a small selection of the many unique projects that we are proud of.    
Grand Central Christchurch Building  - Flat Roof and Deck areas, 3.000 sqm of  Nuralite Nuraply System.   Sir John Guise Stadium, Papua New Guinea Flat roof and Gutters, 2.000 sqm of Nuplex Suprema.   Awly Building Christchurch, Arrow International Site Below ground tanking, 7.000 sqm Equus Debobase.
Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant
SEALCO bituFLAME membrane system.
  Blackwell's Moorhouse Ave Development, Christchurch Flat roof and Gutters, 1.000 sqm of Ardex Butynol.   Environment Canterbury's (ECan), Christchurch Flat roof and Gutters, 1.200 sqm of Hitchins Index.
Fendalton Road, Christchurch - Equus DeBoer Duo Torch-on Membrane System.   Cathedral Grammar School, Christchurch - Nuralite Nuraply Torch-on Membrane System.   Dot's Castle - Riverstone Castle, Oamaru - Sealco ecoTUFF TPO & dekMASTER Deck Membrane.
Kaikoura Family Health Centre, Kaikoura - Sealco ecoTUFF TPO to Flat roof and Plant Room.   Oceania Dairy's Glenavy, Timaru - Ardex Shelterbir WPM 444 tanking membrane.   Justice and Emergency Precinct, Christchurch - Equus DeBoer Debobase tanking membrane.
Riverlands House, Christchurch - Equus Debobase Tanking / Nuralite Nuraply Roof.   Garden Road, Christchurch - MGH Site - Equus Danosa Torch-on membrane system.   Monks Spur Road (Roof Retrofit) - FFR-K1 Infused Kevlar Waterproofing System.
    * Please contact us in Christchurch for free advice on waterproofing the roofs, decks, parapets, walls and basements of your projects.    


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