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H2OFF has a number of warm flat roof insulations suitable for different waterproofing systems and scenarios, whether concrete, timber or profiled metal.

Warm roofs are increasingly popular today as we aim to maximize our living space and the available accommodation in any construction. This will be the predominant form of pitched roofing construction in New Zealand.

In addition, a warm roof contributes to increased air tightness, reducing heat loss caused by uncontrolled air movement.

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    How does a Warm Roof work?    

By moving the insulation to the outside of the structure, the roof is effectively brought inside, which results in a warm roof. This eliminates the possibility of condensation forming on the underside of the roof and eliminates dampness. Because this design works by conserving heat, no ventilation is required.

H2OFF can quickly and economically convert any cold flat roof to a warm roof, particularly where problems have been tackled. Where the existing roof is in satisfactory condition and of a suitable material (e.g. plywood), the insulation is fixed directly on top. The whole build-up should then be waterproofed with a high performance roof membrane system. This ensures that your investment in energy efficiency is protected and will continue to pay dividends long into the future, repaying itself many times over.

Warm Roof vs Cold Roof?

A properly specified warm-deck flat roof will deliver vastly improved energy efficiency over the traditional cold-deck design, whilst eliminating the risk of condensation by moving the dew point to the outside of the structure. The initial investment is quickly offset by reduced heating and cooling costs and the resultant increase in occupier comfort.

* Our applicators carefully seal around penetrations, vents, skylights, dormer windows and chimneys to ensure a leak-free roof.

** The information on this page is a brief introduction to the Warm Roof Insulation System. For more information, specs and data sheets, please visit the supplier website or email us with your enquiry.
New Zealand Warm Roof insulation System suppliers: Nuralite, Equus,
Sealco, WPS, Allnex, Viking and Ardex.

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